Tencent Engineering Productivity Architect:TEST & QUALITY TRACK

Tencent Engineering Productivity Architect:TEST & QUALITY TRACK

The pandemic made 2020 the year where we see some of this decade’s most exciting technologies become commercially viable, and others finally go mainstream. In the software engineering field, the adoption of AI, big data, cloud computing, cloud-native are accelerating the digitalization for businesses. 

20th - 21st October 2021,2021 Global Next Generation Software Engineering Conference

GNSEC 2021[Virtual Conference]。

Global Next Generation Software Engineering Conference (GNSEC) focuses on a full range of software engineering technologies and is committed to defining the standard of the next generation of software engineering. The event will gather 1000+ Attendees and it will be live with a virtual experience where senior software engineers, architects, and team leads connect, learn, and grow. Experts and developers from various backgrounds will be sharing their cutting-edge technical practical experience and cases.

At the meeting, Engineering Productivity Architect & Tech Lead from Tencent will give a wonderful speech:TEST & QUALITY TRACK

Bingsheng Ru

Tencent Engineering Productivity Architect & Tech Lead

Bingsheng Ru currently serves as Engineering Productivity Architect in Tencent. He has served as QE-infrastructure tech leader in Engineering Productivity Org at eBay. Also, he has served as Senior Test Architect for Hewlett-Packard Software R&D Center, Senior Technical Lead for Alcatel-Lucent and Principal Test Engineer for Cisco. He has more than 20 years of experience in software testing and development. He has extensive experience in test framework design and automation testing. He was responsible for establishing test infrastructure and automation test solutions for large-scale e-commerce websites, building CI/CD ecosystem. Also, he has published several testing technical papers in international and domestic academic journals, and served as a judge of the Asian region of the “Software Test World Cup”. For speaker experience, he was invited to give a speech at many TOP software testing and quality conferences, such as Arch Summit, GITC, TiD,  and MTSC, etc. in China, Japan, India,USA and Russian.


Theme introduction:

At present, the R&D team in multinational internet companies including Google, Facebook, and eBay are undergoing “No more QE and DEV should do test” organization transformation. The Quality Engineering team is gradually transitioning to Engineering Productivity team. During this process, it‘s very critical to design and build efficient test infrastructure and toolchain ecosystem from engineering productivity perspective to support “No more QE and DEV should do test” principle. For traditional IT companies, “No more QE and DEV should do test” may not be fully applicable, but we can learn a lot of great ideas from innovations in Engineering Productivity. Following this, this lecture will discuss the following engineering best practices:

1. Test as a Service

2. Unified Test Execution Service

3. Unified Test Data Service

4. Unified Test Bed Service


1. Understand how to build "Test as a Service" to improve test efficiency for developer 2. Understand best practice for test data in large Internet company

3. Understand best practice for large-scale test execution 4. Understand best practice for test execution environment setup