Governing Board


Alan Shimel

Founder and CEO | MediaOps

After a career spent in venture backed startups, I founded my best adventure yet, MediaOps. We are the people behind, Security Boulevard, Container Journal, Digital Anarchist, co-founders of the DevOps Institute and Accelerated Strategies and more.


Guowei Fang

Former CTO | Ping An Technology

Former CTO and Chief Architect of Ping An Technology, Chief Cloud Technology Consultant of AWS China, Senior Architect of the Cloud Computing "Centre of Excellence" (COE) team in Microsoft's global service department.


Jeff Liu

Former DevOps Expert | Google

Master of Stanford University, He has 17 years' experience of DevOps and SRE in Google, Twitter, Splunk and Dell etc.He led and developed the continuous delivery, continuous integration and agility system implementation of the Splunk cloud service engineering team.He was responsible for DevOps work for big data and artificial intelligence systems in Google.


Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Creator of Jenkins | Indivual

Famous for creating Jenkins, Kohsuke is passionate about solving problems developers face every day.
As CTO of CloudBees, he worked with Harpreet to create the Jenkins business and grew the team to over 400 people.
He is an O’Reilly open-source Award recipient, JavaOne Rockstar, Japan OSS Contributor Award recipient, and a Rakuten Technology Award recipient.


Mark Shan

Chairman | Tencent Open Source Alliance

Chairman of Tencent Open Source Alliance and member of Tencent Technical Committee. He has nearly 15 years' experience in research, development, operation, and management of large-scale Internet systems. Recently, he is committed to the construction of open source ecosystems and has promoted TARS, a ten-year supporting system of Tencent for microservices's development, to be open source in TARS Foundation | Linux Foundation. 


Tianguo Xiao

Secretary | DAOPS Foundation

Founder of GreatOps community, CO-chairman of Open Operations Alliance,Distinguished Lecturer of Fudan University, Core expert of DevOps capability maturity model.He has 20 years' experience of IT Operations in Lenovo, CYOU etc.