DevOps Hybrid skills - Upskilling towards EveyrthingOps

DevOps Hybrid skills - Upskilling towards EveyrthingOps

Speaker: Dheeraj Nayal,Global Community Ambassador at DevOps Institute

Location: India

Introduction:Upskilling is a human endeavor and a key contributor to personal and career growth. This past year was like no other. As we progress through the "next normal" of this decade, one thing is certain — digital transformation relies on human skills transformation.DevOps has continued to ‘shift left’ in recent years, becoming more integral to operational processes as manifests in domains such as secure-development focused DevSecOps, secure-operations focused SecOPs, artificial intelligence-based AIOps, machine learning-focused ModelOps, and data management-related DataOps.As each of these evolves, its specific required skill set is being fleshed out and internal IT staff have the opportunity to upskill to meet requirements.

In this presentation, Mr. Dheeraj Nayal will share details about the DevOps Hybrid skills, challenges faced by Enterprises and professionals in new normal ways of working and operating, and how Upskilling is the key to be successful in the next decade.