DAOPS Meetup Was Successfully Held!

DAOPS Meetup Was Successfully Held!

With the global digital boom as the background, throughout the past decade, open-source code in the software was widely used to the next decade of the next generation of software engineering based on lean, agile, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud Native, and other technologies of the deep integration, rapidly improve enterprise IT development capabilities, making it more possible for the business. On May 18, 2021, the first online event, hosted by the DAOPS Foundation, was held in conjunction with DavOps Foundation Meetup, which focused on the latest developments in software engineering! Invite to the DAOPS Foundation's Chief sermons, Forest Jing, Mark Shan the Chair at Tencent Open Source & TARS Foundation, DevOps Institute Global Community Ambassador Dheeraj Nayal, and Sonatype Solution Architect Cameron Townshend are four international professionals working together to find out the best for DevOps practice, hybrid capabilities, and hot topics such as DevSecOps.

First, Forest Jing delivered a wonderful presentation on ASEM, The Next Generation Software Engineering Foundation Architecture, which focuses on the core of today's software as a digital transformation, andtheDAOPS Foundation is working on Try the next generation of software engineering infrastructure named ASEM to help global businesses build lean, agile, CI/CD, SRE, DevSecOps, Native Cloud, and more features of the high-performance technical organization. 

Video: https://youtu.be/9-ORjdWGJLk

Mark Shan, President of Tencent Open Source and TARS Foundation, shared the Best DevOps Practices for TARS, introducing TARS' product services and DevOps practices.  TARS is a high-performance RPC framework based on name services and Tars protocols, an integrated management platform, and a flexible plan to implement managed services. This topic will share the practical practices of the starters using TARS (e.g., Microsporum services, etc.).

Video : https://youtu.be/3_rnRnL9G4U

Later, Dheeraj Nayal describes DevOps Hybrid Skills - Enhancing EveyrthIngOps Skills, detailing how to enhance DevOps Hybrid Skills. Improving skills is key to career planning, while digital transformation relies on the transformation of human skills, and DevOps has continued to "move left" in recent years, becoming increasingly indispensable in operational processes such as DevSecOps, security-focused SecOps, AIOps based on artificial intelligence, ModelOps focused on machine learning, and DataOps related to data management. As these technologies evolve, their specific prerequisites are being enriched, and internal IT staff are being enriched with opportunities to meet requirements.

Video : https://youtu.be/CxekGsHloJI

At the end of the meeting, Cameron Townshend brought sharing "The Rise of Next-Generation Software Supply Chain Attacks," an exponential increase in open-source adoption in software development over the past decade, but a 93.5% reduction in the time it takes hackers to exploit newly discovered open-source vulnerabilities. With the development team's continuous innovation, the pair are also constantly improving their own real strength. For those who intentionally plot and use software to respond to security vulnerabilities in the chain, the self-active has improved the model and improved the success rate of the violation through precise positioning. How will we increase the self-driven security of DevOps? 

Video : https://youtu.be/ujwB-ZEaEJ0

Focusing on the global technology development situation, exploring the next generation of software engineering development trends, several experts at the meeting shared and discussed the future development trend of software engineering, from enterprise development, personal ability enhancement, technology, and security to provide a new perspective of thinking, for everyone to enlighten!


The DAOPS Foundation's mission is to jointly promote the healthy development of the global digital technology ecosystem, build digital technology standards and research mechanisms, and promote the global spread and inclusion of digital technology.

The DAOPS Foundation was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore. As a non-profit organization (NPO), the DAOPS Foundation's mission is to accelerate global digital transformation through technology standardization. The DAOPS Foundation wants to create technology standards related to digital technology in an open source manner. Every business and everyone can learn from these standards to practice digital technology faster and avoid detours in transformation.

DAOPS means: digital, artificial intelligence, openness, practicality, security.

Digitalization, which serves the digital transformation of global enterprises;

AI (artificial intelligence) to transform IT productivity through artificial intelligence;

Openness develops technical standards in the form of open source software;

Practicability, every standard is for practicality;

Security, safety is the cornerstone.

Official website: www.daops.org


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