Daimler (China) joins the DAOPS Foundation!

Daimler (China) joins the DAOPS Foundation!

Daimler Greater China Investment Co., Ltd. and the DAOPS Foundation signed a foundation accession agreement, officially becoming a member of the DAOPS Foundation! It is reported that at the Shenzhen station meeting of the 14th GOPS Global Operation and Maintenance Conference on September 25, 2020, He Baohong, director of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and Jonas Wolf, representative of the DAOPS Foundation in China, attended and signed a memorandum of cooperation. Daimler China, as an early member of the DAOPS Foundation and currently the only manufacturing partner, will take the signing of this cooperation agreement as an opportunity to continue to move forward steadily in the process of digital transformation.

With the rapid changes in the business environment in recent years, the competition among automobile manufacturers has become increasingly fierce. Consumers’ escalating digital lifestyles, increasing demand for novel and innovative services, and dynamic cost changes have caused automobile manufacturers to face an unprecedented challenge. For automobile manufacturers, accelerating the pace of digital transformation and realizing digital transformation is a core weapon to create a new round of competitiveness, and it is also an important factor related to future development.

Driven by global digitalization, Daimler, as the manufacturer of the world’s first car, the first car brand in human history, and an established company with a century-old history is undergoing a journey from a car manufacturer to a mobile service provider. Transition from individualization to sustainability. Digitization has gradually become Daimler's core strategy and directly affects its strategy and strategic layout in various fields.

It is understood that on December 4, 2020, Daimler announced that it will invest 70 billion euros in research and development, real estate, factories, and equipment in the next five years to accelerate electrification and digital transformation. Kang Linsong, chairman of the board of directors of Daimler AG, This move will increase the company's profitability and at the same time make precise investments to promote Daimler's future development. Former Daimler Chairman and CEO Zetsche also believe: "In my opinion, this concept is clearer outside Germany, that is, digitalization. It is essentially the complete digitalization of the entire industrial chain. Digital transformation is currently in full swing. Mercedes-Benz is transforming from an automobile manufacturer to an Internet travel service. Quotient."

This time, Daimler becoming a member of the DAOPS Foundation will not only help accelerate the digital transformation of Daimler China but also maintain the competitiveness of Daimler China in the industry. At the same time, as the first manufacturing company to sign a cooperation agreement with the DAOPS Foundation, Daimler China has also enriched the composition of DAOPS Foundation partners. In the future, more manufacturing companies will cooperate with the DAOPS Foundation. Work together to promote the healthy development of the global digital technology ecosystem, build digital technology standards and research mechanisms, and promote the global dissemination and inclusiveness of digital technology.


The DAOPS Foundation's mission is to jointly promote the healthy development of the global digital technology ecosystem, build digital technology standards and research mechanisms, and promote the global spread and inclusion of digital technology. 

The DAOPS Foundation was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore. As a non-profit organization (NPO), the DAOPS Foundation's mission is to accelerate global digital transformation through technology standardization. The DAOPS Foundation wants to create technology standards related to digital technology in an open source manner. Every business and everyone can learn from these standards to practice digital technology faster and avoid detours in transformation.

DAOPS means: digital, artificial intelligence, openness, practicality, security.

Digitalization, which serves the digital transformation of global enterprises;

AI (artificial intelligence) to transform IT productivity through artificial intelligence;

Openness develops technical standards in the form of open source software;

Practicability, every standard is for practicality;

Security, safety is the cornerstone.

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